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Visuals can make all the difference in gaining a common understanding. I help facilitate conversations by drawing in real time; affirming that everyone is being heard, clarifying the chaos and documenting the experience. It has the effect of making meetings magical and more memorable. After 25 years of working in world class creative firms, I can help you make your next offsite, strategic meeting/summit a success.

I believe every meeting—every necessary meeting—has at its core a problem that needs solving.

Typically a meeting might begin with disparate voices giving their individual take on that problem. What feels like disagreement, or even mayhem, is really just the power of perspective. Each person is describing the problem from their point of view.

With visual notetaking and active dialogue it is possible to synthesize these various descriptions into a defined problem. And defining the problem is the elusive yet crucial step toward solving it.

That’s the power of Describe+Define.

Don’t take my word for it, take a look at some of the solutions I’ve created for others with similar needs to your own.

Damion Triplett

Visual Consultant

A forward-thinking maker/creator with the ability to bring business strategy to life through visuals, Damion has spent over 25 years working with world class creatives for some of the world’s biggest brands. As a senior creative director, he’s guided projects and cross functional teams to deliver award winning advertising, print retail, physical and digital experiences across the globe.

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